When I was writing the second chapter of my dissertation in 2004 on feminist role models and radical subjectivities, I didn’t anticipate that I was constructing a plan for my future selves. In that chapter, I discuss the value of three radical feminist subjects: the troublemaker, the storyteller and the outlaw. Shortly after finishing that dissertation, I got a job teaching in the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies department at the University of Minnesota and spent six years researching, writing, teaching and practicing forms of troublemaking and trouble staying.

Now, since leaving the university, I’ve been experimenting with various forms of storytelling. An intellectual history. Interactive documentaries. Digital stories, short and shorter. An elaborate, impossible to actually build, video game. Brief essays. Haikus. Lists.

I’ve documented the process of researching for and experimenting with these forms on my processing blog:


This blog is dedicated to tracking, processing, experimenting with and sharing resources on storytelling. It is also a space where I work to cultivate and experiment with my storytelling self.

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