the SARAs

I am a series of Sara-selves, or the Saras, occasionally defined by age or traumatic event, but more often by location, and since moving to Minneapolis 13 years ago, by season. Saras can exist simultaneously, but not always. Sometimes when one Sara is born, the old one dies. But Saras are always beside each other in a chain, precariously linked from past to present to future.

the Saras, a list

  • Sara, age 8
  • Farm Sara
  • UP (or yooper) Sara
  • Hickory North Carolina Sara
  • Salem Virginia Sara
  • Northern Virginia, in the DC metro area, Sara
  • Des Moines Sara
  • West Des Moines Sara
  • College Sara
  • Uptown Minneapolis Sara
  • Inland Empire California Sara
  • Atlanta Georgia Sara
  • South Minneapolis Sara
  • The before Mom was diagnosed with cancer Sara, sometimes known as the Sara whose Mom is alive
  • The after Mom was diagnosed with cancer Sara, or the Sara whose Mom is dead
  • Winter Sara
  • Summer Sara